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April was a whirlwind month. Penelope and Nora performed in the production of the Jungle Book. We enjoyed having my mom and dad and Ali visit and watch their show. We were blessed with a vacation to Orlando by our local church partner, Summit Church. We enjoyed visiting Universal Studios and swimming in the pool. From Orlando we flew back to MN for our friend’s funeral. It was a gift and provision from God that we were able to see so many friends and family under heartbreaking circumstances. We returned to Florida and are hard at work hosting Gap Year students, a large group staying on base for the next couple weeks, as well as preparing for our 8 Days of Hope event May 20-27.

Prayer Requests:

-Conflict Resolution between Lee County Permitting and our efforts in Harlem Heights for the 8 Days of Hope event.

-Healing for our family after a nasty bug in MN.

-Healing after grieving the loss of our dear friend, Gary.

-Continued discernment and wisdom as God calls us deeper into full time missions

Mission Update: The month of April was light on volunteers staying on base and heavy on preparations for upcoming events. My Mom and a family from her church came and served in Harlem Heights on an official trip. They painted the interior of a house and volunteered at the Gladiolus Food Pantry. Additionally they visited the Fire Dept. and prayed over the firefighters.